UL1-ACTIVA™ and UL1-HCE™ Frits contain a catechol-based universal linker (UL1) (J. O.C, 2007, 72 (26), pp 9875–9880)



UL1- ACTIVA is the only commercial solid support featuring an amidite activating surface:

  • ≥ 99.5% coupling efficiency
  • Reagents Saving:
    • Up to 50 % lower reagent consumption relative to CPG columns
    • Up to 50 % amidite and activator saving
  • Very low failure rate
  • Direct desalting

UL1-HCE frit:

  • A low cost frit using traditional reagents with 50mM Amidite and 250mM Activator for coupling.
  • Same properties as ACTIVA™ frit with the exception of Amidite and Activator saving

See more detailed at Introduction to EZ Frit DNA/RNA Synthesis Platform.